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QUEENDOM: Episode 6

Episode 6

What is wrong with you? Our daughter is missing and it was all your fault yet it doesn't bother you at all.
All you know is to start up a fight!


Shut up your mouth now. You dare not talk back when I'm talking. Are you mad or something? Now go, the inspector wants to have a discussion with you.

I watched Esther as she smiled to herself.
Oh! In her mind, she's now the boss.

I can see something has really taken over you. If not, when did you ever raise your voice at me? The Philip I knew would always stay by my side even when I'm wrong.
......Tears dropped

6 Simple ways to keep a friend even when you`re busy

6 Simple ways to keep a friend even when you're busy

Admit it, friends make life a lot more fun. They are vital to our physical health and emotional well-being. If you have a good friend who treats you like family, you will never want to lose them. In as much as "20 friends can't play together for 20 years", there are some worth keeping for a lifetime. There are several reasons why people don't keep in touch with old friends. It may be because they're miles apart, they have busy work schedules, or they have a new family. Either way, good friends are worth the keep.

Here are few tips to help you retain that friendship even when you're busy.

Save Dates: Saving dates of birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc can go a long way in sustaining your friendship. When you remember special dates in a friend's life, it makes the friend feel special knowing you're thinking about him/her.

Don`t Be Afraid To Fail

Don't Be Afraid To Fail
My dad was just transferred to another state and we had to move with him.
It was the second term of a school session and it was already 5 weeks gone into the term. 
My parents registered me in the secondary school very close to where we lived.
Prior to this time, in my previous school, I had always topped the class. It was no longer news to myself, friends and my parents to learn that I took the first position every term.
In my new school however, we were only 20 persons in my class, about half the size of my previous school. I knew I didn't need to pray for the first position. It was a small school afterall. Examination came and soon, results were out. I was shocked to find 12th as my position. It was unexpected. I had prepared or at least I thought I did.
I got home that day and couldn't go in because I was scared that I failed. It was not until my mom met me outside and brought me in. Though, I was criticized and the whole of that day, I couldn't eat. The coming terms, I prepared even harder and came out better than before. This time around, everyone sang my praise and no one even remembered I had failed the previous term. Soon, it died down and everyone went about their businesses or expected more from me.

Pope Francis accused of spreading heresy

More than 60 Roman Catholic theologians, priests and academics have accused Pope Francis of spreading heresy. The group sent a letter of filial correction to the pope and outlined seven heresies they believe he has spread.

Pope Francis accused of spreading heresy

None of the authors of the letter is a cardinal, the highest-ranking member of the group is a bishop whose society isn’t a legal church entity.

Those heresies all relate to Francis’ statements on divorce. In 2016, the pope issued a document which made it possible for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to participate in Holy Communion.

He still amazes me -Annie Idibia gushes about 2Baba’s personality

Actress Annie Idibia in a new interview with Hip TV revealed that sometimes her husband, singer 2Baba still leaves her in awe with his personality.

She describes him as a down-to-earth person who is as real as they get. She also states that there what you see is what you get with him.

Police finally reveals Tupac’s killer in documentary

Killer of American rap legend, Tupac has finally been revealed by the Police in a new explosive documentary ‘Who Shot Biggie & Tupac?’

Detectives Tim Bennan and Robert Ladd, who allegedly made headway in the 1996 murder incident which remained unsolved with immense speculation that the rapper is still alive, said a gangster member from the Crips, Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson was the killer who opened fire on the star’s car in Las Vegas in 1996 in a revenge attack.

Two US police officers who worked for Compton Police Department in California and spent years investigating the death of the Hip Hop icon, further revealed that they had Anderson on their radar after he tried to gun someone else down as part of a gangland initiation at the age of 15.

Governor Ambode donates 120 5KVA Generators to Police in Lagos State

Lagos State Governor Akinwumi Ambode has donated 120 5KVA generators to Police stations across Lagos State to enable them work optimally at their job of safeguarding lives and property in the state.

The generators were presented at the Lagos House in Ikeja with Ambode represented by the Chairman of Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF), Mr Oye-Hassan Odukale.

President Buhari arrives Nigeria from UN General Assembly

President Muhammadu Buhari has arrived in the country after his visit to New York for the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly.

Buhari had traveled to London, after rounding up at the UN General Assembly, on Friday, the purpose for which was undisclosed.

At the airport to receive the president were Governors Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, David Umahi of Ebonyi State, and Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State and Chairman of the Governor’s Forum.

FG to reintroduce Tolls on Federal Roads

The Federal Government has announced plans to reintroduce tolls on federal highways across the country.

This is necessary in order to raise funds needed for the maintenance of the federal roads, the government has said

The announcement was made by the Minister of Power, Works & Housing Babatunde Raji Fashola, while addressing members of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) on a visit to his office, Punchreports.

In the statement, it was said that the tolls will be introduced only on roads completed by the government.

Letter to Nnamdi Kanu-Reuben Abati

Dear Nnamdi Kanu,

We have never met. I only know you by reputation and I have had cause in the last year to write on your activities within the public arena and offer my own views about you, your persona, and your interventions in the Nigerian debate. I sincerely hope you would get to read this letter wherever you may be, that is assuming you are still alive.

Your father’s house was recently invaded by the Nigerian military (surprised you don’t have a house of your own!). We were later told that you simply disappeared into thin air, along with your parents. The murderous Operation Python Dance II that was unleashed on Igboland by the Federal Government of Nigeria has since become a subject of national interest. Many people have proclaimed that you have been killed, abducted and that many members of your family and movement – the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have been wasted. Some people said you were called The Lion, but when trouble came, you were the first to run away from the zoo.

Courts remands 60 IPOB Members as FG Gazettes its Proscription

The Federal Government has in its Gazette published the proscription of the secessionist group Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and declared it a terrorist organization.

Courts remands 60 IPOB Members as FG Gazettes its Proscription

Publishing in its Gazette is a part of the procedure required of the Federal Government before the group can be legally proscribed, Punch reports.

Abdu Kafarati, Acting Chief Judge of the Federal High Court had on September 20 asked the FG to publish the proscription notice in its gazette, as well as in 2 national newspapers.

Gionee M7 Full Specifications and Price

Gionee M7 was made official in an event held in China. The device features a FullVision screen of 18:9 ratio, runs on Android 7.1 Nougat, powered by MediaTek Helio P30 chipset (which is the first phone with Helio P30 processor).

Gionee M7's CPU has eight Cortex A53 cores, four of them clocked at 2.3 GHz. Features a 4000mAh battery capacity, 6GB of RAM + 64GB internal memory with microSD slot for up to 256 GB or more.

The phone has a screen size of 6.01” super AMOLED diagonal screen and comes with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. There's a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, dual rear cameras 16MP+8MP with Led Flash and a front facing camera of 8MP.

Tecno S1 Full Specifications and Price

Tecno S1 Full Specifications and Price

Tecno S1 is yet another low end device from Tecno Mobile. It spots a 4-inches screen display, no 4G LTE network, runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 1GB of RAM + 8GB of memory and 1500 mAh battery capacity. See full specification below

QUEENDOM: Episode 5

Episode 5

I ran around the hospital 
Please ma,
Good morning please did you see any young girl around here? she's putting on a pink top and a short navy blue skirt.

No I'm sorry just arrived here!

Excuse me Sir, I'm looking for a young girl of about 4 years. She's putting on a pink top and a navy blue skirt. Did you see anyone that matches that description?

No no! No one like that has passed this way.

I cried again 
Oh no 
Why is all this happening to me?
It was almost getting to an hour and I still couldn't find my daughter.
I sighted my husband's car
I knelt down and started crying again

How To Use 9Mobile (Etisalat) 60GB Free Night Browsing Offer Per Month

This post contains information on how to enjoy 9Mobile (Etisalat) free night browsing, activation codes and AnonyTun VPN settings to make it work. This 9Mobile 60GB is for those that prefer night browsing even more.

How To Use 9Mobile (Etisalat) 60GB Free Night Browsing Offer Per Month

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Monday, 25 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 4

Episode 4

Can someone just explain to me why this woman keeps disturbing this line?

Elizabeth said to Esther

The new girl who had just joined the Queendom.
Oh she even sent a text, Esther come over here lets read the text
Wow perfect Annabel had succeeded in the job, I guess she'll be given a reward tonight Lets quickly delete this text so Philip won't see it.

Mum, did you see my phone?
I've searched all over my room for it but couldn't find it. I can't remember where I kept it.

Oh! I'm so sorry, its here. I found it in the kitchen and thought you forgot it there.
Thanks, but why didn't you bring it to my room? I've been looking for it all over the house. And I'm sure I would have missed some calls now.
Oh! I would have brought it. I just wanted to show Esther the pictures of your kids, she wanted to know what they look like.
In an angry tone, why must you show my gallery to this girl? Give me my phone now.

He snatched his phone and walked out of the room.

Hmmm don't mind him. Esther, you'll stay in this house, I'll still need to work on his brain. Anytime he does something you don't like table the matter before the Queendom or report the matter to me.


Several months ago, I was swimming in frustration. I was worried about my life and everything around me. Nothing was working. Or at least, none that I could see. I had just completed my National Youth Service and was jobless. I had no money to meet my basic needs. To make matters worse, my boyfriend had just discontinued the relationship with me.

Pain, anger, dejection, frustration, confusion! Name it. I didn't know where my life was headed and I began to fill my mind with vain thoughts. I only thought of how worthless my life was. I felt unloved and even hated my life. The more I thought negative about myself, the more negative my life became.  I lost faith and hope in myself. I got angry at even little things that normally shouldn't make me angry. I shut everyone out of my life and smiled less.

QUEENDOM: Episode 3

Episode 3

Good morning mum.
I knelt down to greet my mum who was already picking beans.

Morning my child. 
Hope you slept well?

Yes mummy, but I had a dream

She stopped what she was doing and was eagar to hear what my dream was all about 

An old woman was trying to oppress me, I really didn't see her face but I recognised the cloth she was putting on, you have something similar to that cloth i saw.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

‘I will never quit acting for politics’ – Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, who became the flag bearer of Democratic People’s Congress Party in Anambra 2017 gubernatorial election, in an interview with Inside Nollywood, disclosed his political ambition won’t stop him from acting.

The actor said;

“Politicians have failed us‎ so, I’m in the race to touch the lives of Anambra people positively. Always remember that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. The problems of Anambra people have reached the last bus stop. I joined the race to harness the creative potentials of the youths and the resource-endowment of Anambra and move the state to the next level of development.”

Nigerian Army declares victory over IPOB

The Nigerian Army said it has successfully curtailed the activities of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra in the South East while clashes between farmers and herdsmen within the region had been prevented by troops in the past two weeks.

Nigerian Army declares victory over IPOB

Providing an update on Exercise Egwu Eke II (Python Dance II) the army further said the activities of kidnappers and other criminals had been checkmated in the region while scores of people had been arrested and handed over to the police for prosecution.

The army was however silent on the whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB who was alleged to be on the run after a siege laid on his compound in Aba, Abia State.

‘We don’t see IPOB as terrorist organisation’ – United States Government

The United States Government has said it does not consider the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organisation.

Last week, the Federal High Court in Abuja gave a judicial backing the executive order of President Muhammadu Buhari, outlawing the group and its activities in the country.

‘We don’t see IPOB as terrorist organisation’ – United States Government

The court granted the order to proscribe the group on Wednesday.

It declared that the activities of the group constituted acts of terrorism.

The Federal Government also accused France and the United Kingdom of aiding IPOB activities.

The spokesman for the American Embassy in Nigeria, Russell Brooks, told SUNDAY PUNCH on Friday that the US government does not view IPOB as a terrorist group.

5-year-old suspended for making ‘terroristic threats’ against school

A California kindergartner was suspended for making “terroristic threats” against his school, officials said.

Great Valley Academy officials said that the ordeal unfolded when little Jackson Riley was asked to take off his backpack, but the 5-year-old boy refused. The child then told his teacher that a bomb inside would explode if he had to remove the book bag, news station KTXL reported.

5-year-old suspended for making ‘terroristic threats’ against school

In response to the Aug. 31 incident, the school asked the parents to pick the boy up from school and suspended him for one day.

His parents have slammed the school’s decision as “extreme” and said the incident will be on his permanent record, according to KTXL.

18-year-old student invents ‘ElectroShoe’ that lets women electrocute rapists

Sexual assault against women is a really big problem, as hardly a day goes by without a case being reported in the media. An 18-year-old teenage boy is trying to help women fight back against aggressors by literally giving them the shock of their life.

18-year-old student invents ‘ElectroShoe’ that lets women electrocute rapists

After witnessing multiple instances of disturbing and life-changing acts of violence against women, as well as attending many protests with his mother demanding change, Siddharth Mandala, a student from Telengana, India decided he needed to do something himself.

He spent years working on the “ElectroShoe”, a unique type of anti-sexual assault footwear that electrocutes attackers by inflicting 0.1 Ampere of electricity while also alerting police and family members that the wearer is in danger. All the wearer has to do is kick the perpetrator.

Reason cultists killed their own leader in Lagos

Police officers attached to the Bariga Police Station Lagos State police command have begun a manhunt for suspected cultists over the murder of their leader, New Telegraph reports.

Reason cultists killed their own leader in Lagos

The deceased leader identified by his nickname simply as Major according to investigation is said to be behind the initiation of Eiye boys in Shomolu and Bariga areas of the state.

Sadly, Major who was described as a fearless leader and a terror in his community and to other rival cult groups could not save himself as his killers caught him unawares at his weakest point. Major was killed while he was sleeping at Taiwo off Rashida Kotun Street Idiaba, Bariga, Lagos, last month.

‘Igbos don’t deserve what they are demanding from Buhari’ – Idahosa

Hon. Charles Idahosa was Special Adviser to former Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State. He is one man who has seen it all in the politics of the state and currently that of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

‘Igbos don’t deserve what they are demanding from Buhari’ – Idahosa

Political Bulldozer, as he is fondly called, clocked 64 last Thursday. To mark the occasion, he spoke with Sunday Vanguard on some issues of national importance.

How do you feel at 64.

It has been great. I thank God for His mercies. For one to clock 64 in a third world country like this is a big achievement when you consider our life expectancy. God has been very nice to me. It has been a very long political journey and I am grateful to God to have been able to mark 64 and I am looking forward to 65 and God willing 70.

3 dead as Militants reportedly attack Oil Service Vessel in Bayelsa

Barely three weeks after an ambush on a military houseboat that killed two in Southern Ijaw creeks in Bayelsa, suspected militants have attacked a tugboat in the same area and killed three crew members.

3 dead as Militants reportedly attack Oil Service Vessel in Bayelsa

Suspected Niger Delta militants had on August 28 ambushed a houseboat operated by the Joint Task Force and killed a soldier and a civilian crew member.

An oil services vessel with a combined team of security escort and civilians on board was attacked on Friday by suspected sea pirates at Ekebiri Waterways in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa.

NAFDAC workers insist on continuing Strike until FG appoints new Director-General

The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) workers say they will continue with their strike until the Federal Government appoints a substantive Director-General.

Ejor Michael, the National Public Relations Officer (PRO), Medical and Health Union of Nigeria, NAFDAC chapter, made this known on Saturday in Abuja.

The union on September 22 embarked on an indefinite strike to demand a new DG or the appointment of the most senior director to run the affairs of the agency.

Kenya stripped of Hosting rights

Kenya has been stripped of the right to host the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) following a meeting of the CAF executive committee in Accra on Saturday.

Kenya stripped of Hosting rights

According to BBC Sports, The decision was announced at a media conference after a one-day meeting of the African football “cabinet” headed by president Ahmad Ahmad.

It is the second time Kenya has lost the right to stage a CAF competition after being replaced by South Africa as 1996 Africa Cup of Nations hosts.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 2

Episode 2

I arrived at my father's house after much stress 
I had used up all the money in me transporting myself back to my parents house.

My dad was late, and I was the only child.
My mum was really excited to see us.

Ahhhh! Welcome back oh

She carried Daniel on her laps while Daniella cried for grandma's touch also. 
They were just four years old
It would take a long while for them to understand what was going on between I and their father.

My daughter, take your things to your room, what are you still shedding tears for?

I took everything to my room, took a cold shower while my mum prepared a meal for us. I refused eating 
I just sat and watched how my kids ate to their satisfaction.

Mum you just dont get it
I mean she let me pack my things in my husband's absence, what if he comes back and asks after me? I heard when she said something to the gate man like he was getting a new madam maybe tomorrow. Mum I'm confused. I didn't do anything to her. I cant just let my marital home scatter like that, we need to do something.

Do what?
She shouted 
Elizabeth already said her son does whatever she tells him to do
So I'm sure he approved it already also.

Mummy what are you talking about?

QUEENDOM: Episode 1


Episode 1

No way!
My son can't continue living with you anymore, you better start arranging your things because you and those things you call children are leaving this house right this very moment.

I cried, crawled and followed my mother inlaw... 

But instead she went inside the house, parked all that belonged to me and my children out of the house.

Oya you better stand up now and leave this house before i call on the securities.

Okay, but at least wait till my husband comes back. 
I cried ever harder....
But my lovely twins played around the house not minding if I was crying or not.

No time to wait again, my son does what everything I tell him to do. 
So he wouldn't mind me chasing you out of the house.  Infact, he'll be thankful I did it on his behalf.

R2Bees – Over (Prod. By Killbeatz)

R2Bees – Over (Prod. By Killbeatz) :With fans still warming up to their recent release – “Plantain Chips”, the duo of R2Bees dish out another potential hot sauce entitled “Over”.

R2Bees – Over (Prod. By Killbeatz)

Download and Listen to R2Bees – Over (Prod. By Killbeatz) Below

Tiwa Savage – Hold Me Down

Tiwa Savage – Hold Me Down :Off Tiwa Savage’s just released sugarcane EP comes this our staff pick titled “Hold Me Down”.

Tiwa Savage – Hold Me Down

Listen and download below and ensure you get the full album HERE.

Tiwa Savage – Sugarcane (EP) Full Album

Tiwa Savage – Sugarcane (EP) :Mavin Records first lady, Tiwa Savage has just unlocked her brand new EP titled Sugarcane. The Sugarcane Extended Play houses 6 tracks, All Over and 5 other brand new records.

The new Tiwa Savage EP is a beautiful body of work which is themed around Love. It will definitely be hard for you to choose a favourite out of this project.

Shaydee ft Wizkid – Make Sense

Shaydee ft Wizkid – Make Sense :A new ShayDee‘s song has surfaced online, the song titled “Make Sense” features starboy Wizkid and was produced by Spax.

Shaydee ft Wizkid – Make Sense

Download and Listen to Shaydee ft Wizkid – Make Sense Below

Jhene Aiko ft Big Sean – Moments

Jhene Aiko ft Big Sean – Moments :Jhené Aiko serves up a field “Trip” on her new album which features guest appearances from Big Sean and Swae Lee.

Jhene Aiko ft Big Sean – Moments

Here comes the Big Sean featured single titled “Moments”, download it HERE:

"I rather die alone than stay in an unhappy relationship" – Pearl Thusi

South African media personality, Pearl Thusi, whose relationship with journalist Robert Marawa ended months ago has shared her thoughts on unhappy relationships, while recounting how her own mother deal with societal pressure.

Pearl who said she would rather die single, than remain in an unhappy relationship, further said most women have no choice but to stay in unhappy relationships due to beliefs.

Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar make shortlist of 2017 FIFA Football Awards

World Most Expensive footballer, Neymar, FIFA best Men’s Player 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who made the initial 2017 Best FIFA Men’s Player award 24-man list last month, will now battle for the prize as the countdown to the ceremony itself in England’s capital on October 23 begins.

Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar make shortlist of 2017 FIFA Football Awards

Other finalists in other categories have also been named and here’s the full list below;

Men’s Player
* Cristiano Ronaldo (POR / Real Madrid)
* Lionel Messi (ARG – FC Barcelona)
* Neymar (BRA – FC Barcelona/Paris Saint-Germain)

FG to reveal account details of IPOB sponsors

The Federal Government will be giving the French Government account details of the sponsors of terrorist group, Indigenous People of Biafra, Saturday PUNCH has learnt.

The Nigerian Government had through the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said that France was the headquarters of IPOB’s funding. But the European country on Thursday said it had no knowledge of IPOB’s presence in France.

Native doctors arrested for hiring assassins.. slicing off victim’s organs

Two native doctors have been arrested in Enugu and Delta states for trading and trafficking in death. One of them, Felix Akor, was arrested for allegedly hiring assassins to kill Onyemaechi Eze in Enugu State, who he suspected used diabolical means to kill his wife’s siblings.

Native doctors arrested for hiring assassins.. slicing off victim’s organs

Akor was arrested along with one of those he hired to kill Eze. Another doctor was arrested in Delta State for being a member of ritual killer gang. The gang tricked a commercial motorcycle rider to a certain location, killed him and cut off his vital organs. The alleged killer, hired by Akor, is identified as Idoko Onyekachi of Ifuroka Amalla in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State.

“The Unity of Nigeria is not negotiable” – David Mark

Former Senate President, Senator David Mark insists that Nigeria is indivisible no matter what, stressing that “the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable”.

“The Unity of Nigeria is not negotiable” – David Mark

According to Daily Times, he said this while leading members of the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) 3rd Regular Course Alumni Association on a courtesy visit to the Kaduna State Acting governor, Alhaji Aminu Shagali, in Kaduna today to mark the Golden Jubilee ( 50 years) of their entry into the NDA. In his words:

LASG declares two-night restriction of Vehicular movement on Ikorodu road

Lagos State Government through the Permanent Secretary, Works and Infrastructure, Olujimi Hotonu announced a two-night restriction of vehicular movement on Ikorodu road to enable works on the dilapidated steel footbridge at Fadeyi Bus Stop.

LASG declares two-night restriction of Vehicular movement on Ikorodu road

The restrictions will be active on September 23 between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m and September 24 between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

He noted that the decision to replace the bridge became imperative to protect the lives of pedestrians on the highway.

Mugabe just call Trump a “Goliath”

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly addressed other world leaders in a pointed speech.

The speech, which covered the current development goals, and the ways by which they might be met, aroused ovations at different points.

Mugabe just call Trump a “Goliath”

He talked on global warming, and the mass movement of people fleeing wars and armed conflicts.

A particularly gripping point was when he began to address a certain person threatening world peace.

JAY-Z says Donald Trump is “a joke”

Rapper JAY-Z, while speaking on Radio 1’s Live Lounge Month, referred to the American president Donald Trump as a joke.

JAY-Z says Donald Trump is “a joke”

He was asked by host Clara Amfo how it is bringing up a black family in America and he said:

Steps To Fix Some Common iOS 11 Update Problems or Errors

Previously, we published a post on how to upgrade your iphone and ipad to current ios operating system known as IOS 11. Now, what of when the update fails or sometimes during the update issues occurs?. 
Steps To Fix Some Common iOS 11 Update Problems or Errors

Preparing yourself for the unexpected as those problems cannot be avoided is the best option, but there are methods to fix them. Just read on as we will state the simple and best way to solve or fix this update problems or errors.

How to Upgrade your iPhone and iPad Devices to iOS 11

If you use either iPhone or iPad device, then you should update your device to the latest operating system and enjoy more features on your device. Features like editing Live Photos, customizing the new Control Center, Emergency Mode, the hard G GIF -- Do not disturb while driving and lot more.
How to Upgrade your iPhone and iPad Devices to iOS 11

Now you can upgrade your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to iOS 11 with the guidelines on this post. The new iOS version comes with new features including Siri Google Assistant style, advanced file manager and maps. 

Vivo X20 Plus Full Specifications and Price

Vivo X20 Plus was launched alongside with Vivo X20 smartphone. Both versions looks very much alike and shared almost the same specifications and features. Difference between both devices are the screen size and battery capacity.

Vivo X20 Plus Full Specifications and Price

Vivo X20 Plus features the same dual rear cameras -24MP/5MP- with a single LED flash and 24MP front facing camera. See below for Vivo X20 plus Full Specifications and Price

Vivo X20 Full Specifications and Price

Two sets of new smartphones called Vivo X20 and Vivo X20 Plus has been launched by Vivo. Vivo X20 boasts of a Dual rear cameras -24MP/5MP- with a single Flash plus 24MP front facing camera too. This is really a selfie smartphone with big 6.01 inches super AMOLED screen display.

Vivo X20 Full Specifications and Price

See below for Vivo X20 Full Specifications and Price

Nokia 9 Full Specifications and Price

Nokia 9 will feature a bezel-less design with a screen size of 5.5 inches AMOLED display which is protected by corning gorilla glass 5. The phone also features dust resistance, water resistance of up to 30minutes in water, 4G LTE network, rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

Nokia 9 Full Phone Specifications and Price

The phone will be arriving in two versions - one with 64GB internal memory and the other with 128GB memory - both versions featuring the same 4GB RAM size.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Handling Heartbreak


He's been your friend for years and you both decided to take it to another level. Wow! The moment you have been waiting for. Everything seems to take on a new shape. You pay more attention to how you look, dress and smell. You really need to please him. Don't you? At every occasion, party, meeting, church services etc., you are always together. Everyone is aware that you both are an item. So sweet!

Suddenly, but slowly you start feeling there's a sort of withdrawal. He stops calling you everyday but once in three days. Okay! Maybe he's busy. You cover up for him and shove the thought aside. Subsequently, he starts calling you once a week and then sometimes once in two weeks and at other times, until you call him. You can't hold it anymore so you speak out. He apologises and promisese to change. But the truth is, he never does.
He finally agrees to meet with you after several pleadings that you both need to see in order to sort things out. You are really happy. At least, your relationship will bounce back to life. But alas, you get to see him and he says all sort of trash you can't even understand. Bottom line? He broke up with you!
What? How painful. He promised never to leave you. What happened? How could he?
You cry until you can no longer produce water from your eyes.